Innovative Cross-border-Uniform-Sustainable: organizational model for large protected areas on the southern edge of Vienna - collaborations and networks. The example of natural park - Írottkő Geschriebenstein.

In front of the backdrop of the developments and experience in other areas with large nature reserves, an organisation model for nature reserves is to be developed. The Naturpark was the first cross-border nature reserve project between AT and HU. Since their establishment, both nature reserves have grown in popularity and are viewed as a model region for the development of ecotourism and related infrastructure. It is now time to focus on investing in software and the transition to a borderless nature reserve, transforming the region into a real model.

The goal of the project is to use nature reserves and world heritage on both sides of the border to create a new, borderless natural attraction. One key aspect of the project is raising awareness among the population of the value of these areas. Measures to position the cross-border nature reserve on the market, paying special attention to providing accessibility to people with disabilities. It will also be necessary to create the foundations for the development of a Hungarian national reserve strategy.

As part of the project, the following tasks will be carried out:

- Know-how transfer through workshops and excursions and guidelines for cross-border co-operation
- Nature reserve awareness raising through workshops, photo competition, sporting competitions, a school competition and the distribution of a bilingual nature reserve magazine
- Study trips to the nature reserve for tourism operators covering the two nature reserves, nature reserve teaching book in two languages, training and qualifications
- Production of guidelines and a joint development concept, development of cross-border tourism activities using regional products
- Joint marketing and corporate identity (e.g. in the form of a corporate identity handbook, opening and closing conference)
- Advertising the nature reserve in other neighbouring regions (existing and future nature reserves) in the form of roadshows
- Preparing a nature reserve quality system using standardised criteria

Lead Partner

Írottkő Natúrparkért Egyesület

Project partners

Naturpark Geschriebenstein
Universität Wien Fakultät für Geowissenschaften, Geographie und Astronomie




04.2011 - 12.2013


276.200 €

Total costs

326.010 €


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